Being ideally situated for those who enjoy the flora and fauna whilst hiking in the higher mountains or promenading along local valley walks, following a section of the pilgrim route ‘Chemin de St. Jacques’ which passes within 100 metres of the door. Cycling is a big attraction, bringing people from all over the world to watch and follow the Tour de France, which passes regularly along the D618 running through the valley. A short drive of 25 minutes will bring you to the historical town of Saint Lizier, visit its Cathedral and admire the Romanesque churches along the valley. If this is all too much, "be our guest" and simply relax in comfort without setting a foot off the premises. 

marketSaint Girons Market Town
With a population of approx 6000 residents, the town of Saint Girons is divided by 3 rivers, Le Salat, Le Baup and Le Lez. Saint Girons hosts a lively & colourful Saturday market, with "artisan" produce, street music & many cafes to relax and enjoy a taste of local life.

tourdefranceLe Tour de France  05 september 2020. 
Cazères-sur-Garonne / Loudenvielle, Stage 8 - 140 km Mountain

L'Ancienne Bergerie is situated above the D618 'Route de Cols' Ariège, if you would like to enjoy this 'stage', you could cheer the peleton on at Aspet or Col de Menthé - 45 mins by car from L'Ancienne Bergerie.


Grotte Gargas - Prehistorique Caves
In the nieghbouring department of the Haute Garonne are the Prehistorique Grotte de Gargas. The 45 min tour offers engravings & finger tracings of bison, mammoths and hand outlines dating back to 20,000 to 25,000 years ago. Preserving the caves by allowing small groups visit at monitored times. A translator is provided by the tour.


Cathédrale Sainte Marie de Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges 
3kms from Grotte Gargas is the Romanesque village of Saint-Bertrand-de-Comminges. The Cathédrale Sainte Marie stands above the remains of the city, which was destroyed by "Vandals" in 409AD, situated on the pilgrim route "le chemin Saint Jacques".

Cathédrale de Saint-Lizier
The octagonal keep-like tower of the 11th century Cathédrale stands proudly over the historical town of Saint Lizier, on the pilgrim route "le chemin Saint jacques". Among festivals held here, of music & theatre, there is an also the annual Bio Fair in October.

merensMéren horses at summer pasture
The Mérens horse is considered the closest thing in western Europe to the wild horse of prehistory. Its image appears drawn on the walls of the Niaux cave. The Mérens are part of the spring/autumn transhumance, being taken up to the mountain pastures for summer grazing. They are sure-footed, patient & calm which makes it a horse suitable for all to enjoy, riding on an organized trek or discovering them whilst out walking the mountains of the Ariège.

fromagerieLocal Cheeses - Visit a Fromagerie
Fromagerie de La Core, is situated in Bethmale (15 mins from l'Ancienne Bergerie). Offering a selection of sheep, goat & cow cheese. The valleys of the Pays Couserans are enriched with Fromageries, where you can observe the making of cheese and be introduced to the animals. (Google offers an English translation of this site).

Music and local festivals
Throughout the year there are outdoor in indoor music, theatre, photography and artistic events. Portraying ancient traditions, modern styles and their influence of the young & old from the Ariège.


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